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May 2013 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

His Cross - The Banquet Feast - Psalm 22:5

The Cross of His Resurrection and The Glorification of our Risen Lord, He Who has become our living offering to the Father, calling all to Him.

The Lord’s words from His Cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me” – Mt 27:46 – are difficult words. They bring a sense of one without hope or purpose, defeated by death. For certain, these words snared the devil in his own self-pride. He believed Jesus to be a mere man by nature, and a human person – another to be possessed in Hades. Yet Psalm 21, in its entirety, is not of defeat. Instead it is of transforming fears and doubts – by His Grace alone – into songs of thankfulness, praise, and hope. His words of love, should call all to the glory of His Resurrection, while preparing His faithful for a renewed beginning.

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