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Hieromartyr Dorotheus the Bishop of Tyre

Hieromartyr Dorotheus the Bishop of Tyre

Commemorated June 5

Troparion, Tone 4

O Dorotheus, wise hierarch of Christ, you received the light of wisdom as a gift from the Father of lights. You increased the talents given to you and in your old age contested beyond the bounds of nature. And now, O Hieromartyr, you even intercede for our souls!

Kontakion, Tone 3

By preaching Orthodox doctrine, O Hieromartyr, you offered yourself as a godly and holy gift. First you excelled in asceticism and then in the contest of martyrdom, attaining the victor’s prize from Christ our God!

Kontakion, Tone 5

You were resplendent, O blessed Dorotheus, with virtues brighter than the sun and with your sufferings! You shine forth and enlighten the land, dispelling the darkness of idolatry and base heresy. Therefore, we celebrate your memory with splendor!