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August 2013 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

From the Paraklesis service, we gain insight into the Promise of Renewed Life and Hope coming forth from Mary, a promise fulfilled through Him, shining brightly in her Dormition:

May she, who herself was born of promise, through whom Promise has entered the world, intercede with her Son to guide and comfort us, so He may bring to fulfillment, first-fruits of salvation, His compassionate promise of peace, within and for all.

Mary was born of promise to her faithful parents, Joachim and Anna. Yet Anna was barren and according to the laws of nature, unable to have children. Never losing faith in the Lord, laying aside public ridicule, and with the patience of Job, they beseeched the Lord for a child. As part of their petition, they promised to dedicate this child-of-promise, to the Lord's service. Reminds one of Hanna and the words of the High Priest Eli, "Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant you the petition you have asked of him." (1 Kingdom 1:17, OSB).

See the attached PDF files for this month's full teaching and to order the study booklets.

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