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December 2013 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Defending the Faith
The Nativity of the Word and His Incarnation

We know and confess the Word of God came forth from the virgin womb of Mary, being by nature both Child and Emmanuel. His name is Jesus, Who is the Christ and the Only-begotten Son of the Father. This birth was of the Father's will, was of the interactive energies of the Holy Spirit and the free-will of Mary. He entered Creation in the compassion of His grace, to heal our unbelief. In this, He reveals Himself as the Perfect One of two natures, clothed in flesh, His Incarnation.

The name Only-begotten Son emphasizes the unique relationship between the Father and His Son, its being eternal and perfect. How so? For the One perfect Father, begets the One perfect Son, the One able to reveal His eternal Father. Yet, whereas this relationship between Father and Son, is natural, our relationship to Him, is not. In contrast, our relationship to His Father, begins in the fullness of His Incarnation. For within this understanding, we find the promised gift of an eternal relationship with His Father.

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