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St. Raphael of Brooklyn

St. Raphael of Brooklyn

Commemorated on the first Saturday in November (Reposed on February 27)

Troparion - Tone 3

Rejoice, O Father Raphael, adornment of the holy Church! Thou art champion of the True Faith, seeker of the lost, consolation of the oppressed, father to orphans and friend of the poor, peacemaker and good shepherd, joy of all the Orthodox, son of Antioch, boast of America. Intercede with Christ God for us and for all who honor thee.

Kontakion - Tone 3
(To the melody "On this day the Virgin")

Today the memory of blessed Raphael has shone on us; for having received Christ's call he faithfully took up his cross and followed him, becoming a fisher of men. Let us cry aloud to him, saying: 'Rejoice, O Father Raphael!'