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October 2014 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Prophet Hosea: the One God Is Help
His Cross and Hope of the Resurrection
Book of Hosea, 6:1-3 - OSB Septuagint Old Testament

Hosea is often remembered for his deep suffering. Some 800 years before the Word of God became Incarnate, Hosea forewarned the Northern Kingdom of Israel of a coming period of great darkness, a darkness not seen since their days in Egypt. This time, it would be at the hands of the dreaded Assyrian warriors.

Amazing as it is to us, the Lord commanded Hosea to, "Go take a wife of fornication . . .", i.e., marry a woman who was essentially a prostitute and probably a worshiper of Baal. Yet as a courageous servant of his God, YHWH, his hope remained steadfast, and he loved his spouse, regardless of her adulteress ways. One might see a parallel here to the Lord's long-suffering relationship with His beloved Jews, a people soon to suffer a great chastisement for not keeping their covenant with their loving Lord.

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