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April 2015 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:


You have heard the prophecy of His death, so perhaps now you want to know what indications there are about His Cross. Even this is not passed over in silence: on the contrary, the sacred writers proclaim it with the utmost plainness. Moses foretells it first, and that right loudly, when he says, "Your Life shall hang before your eyes, and you shall fear day and night, and you will not believe in your Life." (OSB-Deut. 28:66) After him the prophets also give their witness, saying, "For I did not know I was likened to an innocent lamb led to be sacrificed. They plotted an evil device against me, saying, "Come, let us put wood in his bread and destroy him root and branch from the land of the living, so name might be not be remembered any more." (OSB - Jer. 11:17-18) And, again, "They pierced My hands and My feet, I numbered all my bones. They divided my garments among themselves and for my clothing, they cast lots." (OSB - Psalm 22:17-19).

Now a crucifixion, taking place on wood, can be none other than the death by the cross. Moreover, it is only in this death are the hands and feet pierced. Besides this, since our Savior dwelt among men, all nations every where begin to know Him as the promised One. This too Holy Scripture expressly mentions; "There shall be a Root of Jesse, and this divine One Who rises up to rule the nations. The Gentiles shall hope in Him, and His resting place shall be honorable." (OSB - Isaiah 11:10)

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