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Voting Eligibility

Every other year, the Archdiocese will gather at its North American Convention, and will convene a General Assembly of clergy and laity. In addition, a Special Convention may be called as needed, and a General Assembly would be convened at that Special Convention. The following are eligible to vote on all matters that are brought before the General Assembly:

  1. Every pastor of a parish or mission (1 vote each)
  2. Every fulltime assistant pastor of a parish or mission (1 vote each)
  3. Every president of a Regional organization (1 vote each)
  4. Every president of an organization at the North American Level (1 vote each)
  5. Every active member of the Archdiocese Board of Trustees (1 vote each - note that Honorary members do not vote)
  6. Every retired priest, and every priest or deacon who is employed by the Archdiocese as the head of a department (1 vote each)
  7. Every parish or mission according to their size (1 vote for every 100 baptized souls or fraction which exceeds 50)

In order for the delegates of a parish or mission to be seated as a voting delegation, all of the following conditions must be met:

  1. Assessments and Special Trays must have been paid in full for the previous year
  2. Assessment and Special Trays must be up-to-date for the current year
  3. A valid Bi-Annual Census Report must have been submitted for the previous two-year period

Please note that exceptions to these conditions must have been approved by the Metropolitan in advance of the General Assembly.