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Blessed Ecclesiastical Year

by Maria C. Khoury, Ed.D.

We hope you will have a blessed and happy new ecclesiastical year filled with many fruits of the Holy Spirit. A few days a bit late with our good wishes for our friends on the new calendar but a bit too early for our friends on the old. Either way, please know how much we appreciate your support, prayers and solidarity.

We have already started our school year last week in Taybeh and very fortunate to once again have helped fifteen children with their registration fees totaling $2600 from the Taybeh Education Fund with the support of six annual sponsors.

It was a very emotional beautiful encounter today where two of our students, Angie in 8th grade and Philip in 10th grade had the great blessing to meet the generous people who help with their tuition. We hope many others will place Taybeh on their list of worthy places to visit when they are as close as Jerusalem. Thus, one day, Katrina, Najwa, Daoud, and Arwa might meet their sponsors here in the "heart of Palestine."

It is a great blessing to have six out of the fifteen students have annual sponsors because it has helped our Taybeh Education Endowment Fund maintain a balance of close to $80,000. Thank you to the many church communities and individuals across America who have helped us develop.

The Taybeh Education Fund will also support four university students continuing their education with a total of $1000 this year. We are happy to share our annual report when its completed this November for anyone interested.

The more we love our neighbor as ourselves, the more we feel the needs of others as though they are our own, and the less inclined we will be to consider our luxuries as more important than our neighbor's basic needs. As St. Basil the Great said, "The more you abound in wealth, the more you lack in love." Fr. Vassilios Papavassiliou