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Spiritual Nuggets + November 22, 2015

9th Sunday of Luke

Masters, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters, Bless!

Blessed Fast!

This Sunday we read Luke 12:16-21, Christ's parable of the Plentiful Harvest. St Theophylact of Ochrid (The Explanation of St. Luke, page 148, tr. Fr. Christopher Stade, Chrysostom Press, House Springs, MO, 1997, pg 148) explains the disturbing phrase that your soul will be required of you that we'll read this Sunday.

May God bless us as we draw near to God in the Nativity Fast and also in the joy of the feast of the Entrance of the Mother of God.

In Christ,
+ Fr. Noah

Notice the words 'they will require.' Like some stern imperial officers demanding tribute, the fearsome angels will ask for your soul, and your will not want to give it because you love this life and claim the things of this life as your own. But they do not demand the soul of a righteous man, because he himself commits his soul into the hands of the God and Father of spirits, and he does so with joy and gladness, not in the least bit grieved that he is handing over his soul to God.
- Blessed Theophylact of Ochrid


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