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Spiritual Nuggets + December 20, 2015

Sunday before Nativity

Masters, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters, Bless!

This Sunday, the Sunday before the Nativity, we read St. Matthew's Genealogy of Christ (Matthew 1:1-25). Below is the allegorical interpretation of Saint Theophylact of Ochrid regarding Rahab (Commentary on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew, page 16). May we respond generously with any opportunity for repentance and service as Rahab did.

May you have a blessed and merry Christmas!

In Christ,
+ Fr. Noah

She [Rahab] saved them [the spies of Joshua], and was herself saved as well. He mentions her to show that just as she was a harlot, so, too, was the congregation of the nations, for they went whoring in their practices. But all those who accepted the spies of Jesus, that is, the Apostles, and were convinced by their words, were saved from among the nations.
- St. Theophylact of Ochrid

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