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Spiritual Nuggets + January 3, 2016

Sunday before Theophany

Masters, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters, Bless!

Christ is illumined! Let us shine forth with Him!

This Sunday after Theophany we hear our Lord's first public message: "repent". Here is a beautiful image of that from St. John of Karpathos. (One Hundred Texts verse 4 - available online at

The moon as it waxes and wanes illustrates the condition of man: sometimes he does what is right, sometimes he sins and then through repentance returns to a holy life. The intellect of one who sins is not destroyed (as some of you think), just as the physical size of the moon does not diminish, but only its light. Through repentance a man regains his true splendour, just as the moon after the period of waning clothes itself once more in its full light. If a man believes in Christ, 'even though he dies, he shall live' (John 11:25); he shall know that 'I the Lord have spoken, and will do it' (Ezek.17:24 LXX).
- St. John of Karpathos

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