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Spiritual Nuggets + February 21, 2016

Publican and Pharisee

Masters, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters, bless.

This Sunday we commemorate and read our Lord's Parable of the Publican and the Pharisee (Luke 18:10-14). St. Nicholai (Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic, Homilies, volume 1, tr. Mother Maria, Lazarica Press, Birmingham, England, 1996. p 95.) opens his wonderful homily on this pericope with this beautiful image/story:

A man went into the forest to choose a tree from which to make roof-beams. And he saw two trees, one beside the other. One was smooth and tall, but had rotted away inside, and the other was rough on the outside and ugly, but its core was healthy. The man sighed, and said to himself: "What use is this smooth, tall tree to me if it is rotten inside and useless for beams? The other one, even if it is rough and ugly, is at least healthy on the inside and so, if I put a bit more effort into it, I can use it for roof-beams for my house." And, without thinking any more about it, he chose that tree.
- St. Nicholai

In Christ,
+ Fr. Noah

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