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Donate to Youth Ministry

You can help the Youth of the Antiochian Archdiocese succeed in their Youth Ministry Efforts by donating to this ministry in a variety of ways:

  • Use the convenient Donation link at the upper right!
  • Check- mail to the Department of Youth Ministry PO Box 389 Westwood MA 02090 - please designate the purpose of your donation
  • Do you have an old vehicle you are looking to get rid of? Consider donating your car and benefiting the department of Youth Ministry! Go to and select "Antiochian Orthodox Christian 
  • Credit Card Points (AMEX) - We will use these miles to purchase airline tickets for Teens and Advisors to travel to NAC SOYO Meetings and the SOYO Leadership Training Conference.
  • U.S. Airways Miles - The cost to donate miles is your miles plus .01 per mile donated and a processing fee. Or you can donate money towards travel using our donate button. If you want the miles to go towards teen SOYO officers, Advisors, or Youth Director Travel, simply state so in the personal massage field of your donation.
  • You can Donate your American Express Miles to our Youth Ministry Efforts by going to our American Express donationation page sponsored by Guidestar and American Express: select to donate either money or your American Express Points - we will receive $5.00 for every 1,000 American Express Points you donate.
  • You may also use your American Express Card to make an American Express Card Cash Donation. Please be sure to place in the Designated Donation field if there is a specific area of our ministry you want your donation to fund.
  • You may also make credit card donations through our Just page.
  • Archdiocese Department of Youth Ministry" as the charity - it is that simple and they will handle the rest.
  • Stock - contact the department of Youth at 781-255-1757 or e-mail the Department of Youth Ministry with your contact information:

If you wish to donate miles, points, or stock please contact the department of Youth Ministry at 781-461-1757 or the Department of Youth Ministry with your contact information.