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March 30, 2016 + The Cross Moves Us away from Evil

by St. John of Kronstadt

When your heart inclines to evil, and the evil one begins to undermine your heart, so that it is completely removed from the rock of faith, then say to yourself inwardly: "I know of my spiritual poverty, my own nothingness without faith. I am so weak, that it is only by Christ's name that I live and obtain peace, that I rejoice and my heart expands, whilst without Him I am spiritually dead, I am troubled, and my heart is oppressed; without the Lord's Cross I should have been long since the victim of the most cruel distress and despair. Only Christ keeps me alive: and the Cross is my peace and my consolation."

From My Life in Christ


St. John Climacus of "The Ladder"

Troparion, Tone 8

By a flood of tears you made the desert fertile and by your longing for God you brought forth fruits in abundance. By the radiance of miracles you illuminated the whole universe. O our holy Father John Climacus, pray to Christ our God to save our souls.

Kontakion, Tone 1

You offered us your teachings as fruits of everlasting freshness, to sweeten the hearts of those who receive them with attention. O blessed and wise John, they are the rungs of a ladder, leading the souls of those who honor you from earth to Eternal glory in Heaven!

Readings and Inspiration from the Diocese of Charleston Homepage

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