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Order of St. Ignatius News

Bishop ALEXANDER Inducts Three New Order Members in Cambridge, MA

St. Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church, Cambridge, MA October 4, 2009. Bishop Alexander and, L to R: Michael Marge, Raymond Sayeg, Melissa Sayeg, Paul Nahas, Fr. Antony Hughes, Kh. Carol HughesSt. Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church, Cambridge, MA October 4, 2009. Bishop Alexander and, L to R: Michael Marge, Raymond Sayeg, Melissa Sayeg, Paul Nahas, Fr. Antony Hughes, Kh. Carol HughesHis Grace, Bishop ALEXANDER, Diocese of Ottawa, NY State and Eastern Canada visited the parish of St. Mary, Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 4, 2009.  Following the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, three new members were inducted into The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch including the Pastor of St. Mary Church, V. Rev. Fr. Antony Hughes.  Other new members are Melissa Sayeg and Paul Nahas shown here with their sponsors, Michael Marge, Raymond Sayeg and Kh. Carol Hughes.

Metropolitan PHILIP Inducts New Members at St. George Church in Norwood, MA

His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP inducted new members to the Order of St. Ignatius on September 20, 2009, at St. George Church in Norwood, MA. Pictured left to right are Marlene Lupaczyk, Linda Thomas, Joseph Eysie, Andrew Howard, Joan Cassidy, Kh. Erin Kimmett, Christine Byron, Hellas Assad, and Fr. Joseph Kimmett.

Order of St. Ignatius Governing Council Meeting on October 16

The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch will meet in Houston, TX on Friday, October 16 in conjunction with the Archdiocese Board of Trustees meetings. Our host parish, St. George Church, Houston, has made hotel arrangements with Hilton Post Oak Houston, 2001 Post Oak Boulevard, Houston, TX 77056.  Please make your room reservations directly with the hotel.  The phone number is 713-961-9300.

Reflections on the 49th Archdiocese Convention

The Order experienced a successful week with 23 inductions/upgrades, including 5 Life Members, 5 Commanders and 13 Knights/Dames. It was a positive experience for all who attended.  Those who were present enjoyed a beautiful reception and dinner chaired by Sandra Love from St. Michael in Van Nuys, our host parish. Her selection for decoration and menu were wonderful.

Dan Abraham introduced The Order DVD, “The Miracle of The Order,” produced by Joey Wihbey.  It was well received and we hope to distribute it soon.  We were visited at our meeting on Tuesday by the teens attending the convention for leadership training.  They came to express their thanks for all the Order has provided and will continue to provide for their benefit.  They presented Dan and Kathy Abraham with SOYO Anniversary tee shirts.

Photographing Life in the Antiochian Archdiocese

Archdiocese member and Order of St. Ignatius Historian Judy Braun has put together a collection of photo albums open to all Antiochians. On her Public Gallery, browsers can currently find eight albums from the Archdiocese convention. Headings include the Oratorical Festival, the Board of Trustees Luncheon, and the Grand Banquet. All can be viewed at:

“I love taking pictures and I love editing them!” notes Judy, for whom photography is a serious hobby. “Originally, I had 1,500 photos of the Convention that needed editing.” Mother of three and grandmother of two, Judy attends St. Athanasius Church in Goleta, California, where she often photographs weddings and parish events. Her work can also be viewed on the St. Athanasius website.

Judy plans on adding to the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese (“AOCA”) Picasa page, as she attends and photographs different events in the life of the Archdiocese.


Installation of Order Officers and 23 New Members

Officers of the Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch Governing Council were installed by His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP on July 25, 2009. 23 new members of the Order were also inducted.

Click here to view more photos.

Audio Available of Order of St. Ignatius Presentation at Archdiocese Convention

Click here to listen to the presentation from Chairman Mr. Daniel Abraham at the general assembly of the 2009 Archdiocese Convention.

More audio from the 2009 Convention is available from Ancient Faith Radio.

10 Members Join the Order of St. Ignatius

10 members join the Order in Los Altos Hills, CA: October 26, 2008

Photos from the 2008 Southeast Region Parish Life Conference

A selection of photos from the 2008 Southeast Region Parish Life Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina:

PLC 015-web PLC 001
PLC 002 PLC 003

Memory Eternal!

The Order of St. Ignatius mourns the passing of Nasseb M. Maliba, who departed this life on May 22, 2008 at the age of 93. He was one of the early members of the Order and has dedicated his efforts over the years to bringing new Life Members in to the order. He was also a honorary member of the Archdiocese Board of Trustees and is a recipient of the Antiochian Gold Medal. May his Memory be eternal!

Three Inducted into The Order of St. Ignatius at St. John Chrysostom in York, PA

Bishop THOMAS Inducts Three from York, Pa.

Bishop THOMAS inducts Bill "Paul" Bennett (left), Darrel Bender (center) and Heather Dorian Bender (right) into the Order of St. Ignatius following the Sunday of Orthodoxy vespers on March 16, 2008.

Leaving Footprints in the Sand of Time: From the Chair of the Order of St. Ignatius

by Dan Abraham, Chair of the Order of St. Ignatius
First Address to The Order at Montreal ‘07

image My road to Montreal tonight was definitely unexpected and certainly marked with unusual curves. Twenty years ago this month Kathy and I arrived in Montreal to spend our honeymoon. I had a twinkle in my eye and a thick wallet. Today I am pleased to say I still have a twinkle in my eye! Kathy and I joined The Order together. She was at the time very active in NAC. I was working. I watched her work, travel, engage the youth, and serve our Archdiocese. I don’t remember when exactly, but I heard Metropolitan PHILIP state that each of us must leave our footprint in the sand of time. It hit home. Working wasn’t good enough. I had done my time on our local Parish Council and served in various other capacities; but, that was yesterday. What am I doing today?

Officers: Daniel Abraham, Chair; Mary Winstanley O'Connor, Vice Chair; Darlene Haddad, Treasurer; Gayle Malone, Secretary

St. Ignatius of Antioch Commemorated on December 20

image This past Sunday, the Antiochian Archdiocese commemorated the special work done in the name by the great saint of Antioch by the Order of St. Ignatius. The Order is people of purpose, like St. Ignatius himself who wrote, "toil together, suffer together, rejoice together as servants of God." The Order is people who put feet to their faith, whether by funding missionary efforts, disaster relief, campus ministries, local outreaches to unwed mothers and kids on the street or by subsidizing our Clergy Benefits Fund or the Holy Trinity Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Click here to learn more about, and support, the Order.

"St. Ignatius instructs us to put our faith into action. I want to tell you about a project that exemplifies what the Order is all about. This feast is all about the birth of a child who changes a whole nation and the woman who gave him birth despite what people would think. Can you imagine what would happen today? The Tree House, which gets its name from the live giving tree (cross), got its start from a grant from the Order. So consider giving yourself and others a Christmas gift and make The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch your choice. You will be glad you did. Be an example to our children that the church is a good investment."

+ From a homily prepared for this special day. Read the rest here!

Our Archdiocese celebrates the feast of St. Ignatius of Antioch on Thursday, December 20.

Diocese of Worcester Welcomes 3 New Members to The Order

July 1, 2007: Plymouth, MA: Diocese of Worcester Parish Life Conference

By His Grace Bishop ANTOUN

Michael Marge, Leanne Plouffe and Marlene Lupaczyk, being inducted by Bishop ANTOUN to The Order

(L-R) Mary Winstanley O'Connor (North American Secretary of The Order), Kh. Erin Kimmett, Marlene Lupacyzk, Bishop Antoun, Leeann Plouffe, Michael Marge, Christine Bezreh (Diocese of Worcester Chair of The Order) and Jamil

Diocese of Los Angeles Honors Out-going Chair and Welcomes 2 New Members to The Order

June 29 - July 1, 2007: Portland, OR: Diocese of Los Angeles Parish Life Conference  

By His Grace Bishop JOSEPH

Bishop JOSEPH delivers his message to the members of The Order at its annual dinner.

(L-R) Bill Tsoukalas (Vice Chair), Very Reverend Alban West (Spiritual Advisor), Bishop JOSEPH, Fred Milkie, Jr. (Out-going Chair) and Michael Srour (Vice Chair)

Brian and Nancy Korb being inducted to The Order by Bishop JOSEPH

Nancy Korb receives her cross from Bishop JOSEPH

Diocese of Toledo Welcomes 9 New Members and 1 Life Member into The Order

By His Grace Bishop MARK

(L-R) Nuha Mashni, Dr. Lisa Cassis, Brandon Skaff, Dr. David Skaff (Life Upgrade), Very Reverend Thomas Galloway, Robert Fulton, Fred Deeb and Connie Schenkenberger (Not Present David Mashni and Mary Jean Ciresci)

The Order on the Road

The Order of St. Ignatius held its first meeting "On the Road" on January 27, 2007 at St. George Church in Jacksonville, FL, in conjunction with the Southeast Diocese mid-winter meetings. The Southeast Diocese Order chair, Hikmat Saoud worked diligently and enthusiastically along with The Order members of her parish to host this first informational meeting. Bishop ANTOUN, an ardent Order supporter and the presiding hierarch, and over 100 people participated in this event.

Historically, the Governing Council meets twice a year, coinciding with the Archdiocese Board of Trustee meetings. The spring meeting alternates between the Archdiocese headquarters in Englewood N.J. and the Antiochian Village in Bolivar, Pennsylvania. The fall meeting is held at the invitation of a parish, generally in conjunction with an event pertinent to that community. As a result very few members and non-members actually get to see the Governing Council at work. Consequently, the concept of additional informational meetings held in communities that have not seen the work of the Order was developed.