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Ordinations and Elevations

Our prayers and congratulations for all our newly-ordained priests and deacons, and for those elevated to the dignity of Archpriest!

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Bishop Anthony Celebrates Ordinations and Theophany at St. Nicholas Church + Cedarburg, WI

The parishioners of St. Nicholas Church in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, enjoyed a multitude of blessings the weekend of January 4-6, with the first visit of our new beloved spiritual leader, Bishop Anthony of the Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest. Saedna Anthony came to meet his cherished flock for the first time, celebrate with them the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy of St. Basil and the Great Blessing of Water, ordain two parish members, and bless the church's beautiful new iconostasis.

Members of parish council enjoyed a dinner with the bishop on Friday evening, and many met with Saedna Anthony on Saturday afternoon for an open, informal meet-and-greet and question-and-answer session. The friendly, edifying discussion covered a wide range of topics, from politics to the place of men and women in the church, to the growth of secularism and radical Islam throughout the world, to genetically modified organisms and the environment, to daily prayers and study. Parish members delighted in and found inspiration in the bishop's gentleness, warmth, wisdom, and good humor.

On Saturday during the celebration of Hierarchical Great Vespers, parish member Curtis John Dowling of Menomonee Falls was ordained as subdeacon, with laying on of hands by the bishop and repeated calls by parishioners of "he is worthy" in English, Greek and Arabic. All celebrated a banquet afterwards in the fellowship hall. On Sunday during Hierarchical Divine Liturgy of St. Basil, Dn. David Moga was ordained to the priesthood with more calls of "he is worthy." With His Grace Bishop Anthony and the Very Rev. Fr. William Olnhausen, the newly ordained Fr. David celebrated the Eucharist as priest for the first time. Bishop Anthony and the clergy and people next celebrated the Great Blessing of the Waters, sanctifying them again through the baptism of our Lord. Finally, the new iconostasis was blessed with holy chrism. A festive coffee hour and reception afterwards was enjoyed by all. Saedna Anthony stayed and presided from the throne as Fr. David celebrated Divine Liturgy on Monday morning.

Recent Elevations + November 2012

Fr. Stephen HERNEY was elevated to the dignity Archpriest by His Eminence Archbishop Joseph on September 30, 2012, at St. Michael Church in Whittier, California.

Fr. Gabriel KARAM of Forty Holy Martyrs of Sebaste Church in Sugar Land, Texas was elevated to the dignity of Archpriest on Thursday, November 8th.

Recent Ordinations and Elevations + September 2012

from the September 2012 issue of The Word:


HATZOPOULOS, Christos, to the holy diaconate, by Bishop JOHN on June 30, 2012, at St. John of Damascus Church in Dedham, Massachusetts. He is attached to the parish.

IBRAHIM, Deacon Michael, to the holy priesthood, by Bishop NICHOLAS on March 4, 2012, at St. George Church, Little Falls, New Jersey. Father Michael is attached to the parish.

SWEIS, Niphone (Nishan), to the holy diaconate, on July 1, 2012, by Archbishop JOSEPH at St. Nicholas Church in San Francisco, California. He is assigned to the parish.

WOOLLEY, John Saturus, to the holy diaconate by Bishop BASIL on July 1st, 2012, at St. George Cathedral in Wichita, Kansas. He is assigned to St. Mark Church in Denver, Colorado.


AARAJ, Priest Antoun, to the dignity of Archpriest, by Bishop ANTOUN on March 4, 2012, at the Mission of St. Ignatius of Antioch, Boca Raton, Florida.

BULLOCK, Priest Gabriel, to the dignity of Archpriest, by Bishop ANTOUN on May 13, 2012, at the Church of St. Nicholas, Myrtle Beach, Florida.

Seraphim (Ron) Moslener Ordained to Holy Diaconate

His Grace Bishop Thomas writes:

Many years to Deacon Seraphim (Ron Moslener) who was ordained to the holy diaconate by his Grace Bishop John at the Chapel of Ss. Peter and Paul at the Antiochian Village Heritage and Learning Center. Deacon Seraphim is assigned to St. John the Evangelist Church in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Dr. J.S. Luke Stauffer Ordained to Holy Deaconate

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

HE IS WORTHY! On May 6th, 2012 Dr. J.S. Luke Stauffer was ordained to the holy diaconate at St George Cathedral in Wichita, Kansas. He is assigned to Holy Mother of God Mission in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Bishop Thomas Visits St. Nicholas Church + Beckley, WV

L to R:  Bishop Thomas; Fr. Samuel Haddad receiving the cross at his Elevation to Archpriest; Abbott Seraphim, Hermitage of the Holy Cross MonasteryL to R: Bishop Thomas; Fr. Samuel Haddad receiving the cross at his Elevation to Archpriest; Abbott Seraphim, Hermitage of the Holy Cross MonasteryWith great joy the congregation of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Beckley, WV and its priest, Fr. Samuel Haddad, were pleased to receive His Grace Bishop Thomas for a visit to the Parish on the weekend of the Third Sunday of Pascha, April 27 – 29, 2012. The congregation had especially awaited this visit with eager anticipation, as it was to mark the elevation of Fr. Samuel to the dignity of Archpriest.

The busy weekend schedule got underway Friday evening when Sayidna met with the Parish Council. Members had the opportunity to tell His Grace about progress that St. Nicholas has made during the previous year, especially focusing on the congregation’s growth in numbers. Bishop Thomas encouraged the parish council and congregation to continue in their efforts. He also took some time to explain the ongoing efforts of FOCUS (the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve). FOCUS works throughout North America as an expression of Christ’s love, serving the hungry, thirsty, naked, stranger, sick and imprisoned.

On Saturday His Grace met for lunch with the Women of the Holy Myrrh Bearers. Members of the Parish women’s group enjoyed a wonderful time of inspiration and fellowship with Sayidna. The women reviewed their own activities over the past year, and then listened eagerly as Bishop Thomas shared his thoughts concerning the ongoing crisis in Syria and how it is impacting the Orthodox Christians there. Sayidna also gave an update on the Archdiocese’s new Bishops, highlighting the many ways they are now serving in their new capacity.

Recent Ordinations and Elevations + May 2012

On Sunday, April 22, 2012, His Grace Bishop Nicholas elevated Fr. Romanos Malouf to Archpriest and Deacon Sami Bal to Archdeacon.

Michael Heningham of Emmanuel Orthodox Church in Warren, Massachusetts was recently ordained a Deacon in April by His Grace Bishop John in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Dn. Peter Boulukos Elevated to Archdeacon

On Sunday April 1st, 2012, the Fifth Sunday of Lent, His Grace Bishop Thomas elevated Dn. Peter Boulukos to Archdeacon as his proud brother and sister-in-law and entire St. Anthony Church in Bergenfeld, New Jersey family beamed.

Recent Ordinations and Elevations + March 2012

from the December 2011 issue of The Word:


HOGG, John, to the diaconate by Bishop Anthony on January 15, 2012, at St. John Chrysostom Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and to the priesthood by Bishop JOHN on February 5, 2012, at St. George Church, West Roxbury, Massachusetts. He is attached to the Church of St. Stephen the Protomartyr, South Plainfield, New Jersey while he completes his seminary studies.

SPENCER, Simeon (Jeffrey), to the diaconate by Bishop Antoun on January 15, 2012, at St. Elias Church, Atlanta, Georgia. He is attached to that parish.

Rassophore Monk Benedict Ordained to Holy Diaconate

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

AXIOS! Rassophore Monk Benedict (Armitage), a member of DOWAMA's "Monastic Brotherhood of St. Silouan the Athonite" and Synkellos at the Wichita Chancery, was ordained to the holy diaconate yesterday, January 1st, at St. George Cathedral in Wichita, KS, and is canonically attached to the Domestic Chapel of Ss. Raphael at the Wichita Chancery. Greetings may be sent to Hierodeacon Benedict at