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Pinterest and AODCE

by Shelley Seifarth

If you've not heard of the website, Pinterest, it is an online social pinboard image sharing site that allows users to create a bookmarking system based on specific themes. These boards are organized into collections of photos (pins) under titles such as food, DIY, travel, hobbies, etc. These pins can be captioned and in many cases, link to a website for a recipe, or more details/information for the idea or interest depicted in the image. Registered users of pinterest can follow other users, whose pins appear on their main Pinterest page in a "pin feed". Users can choose to repin any image of interest onto their own collection of images. Once an account is set up, users can also browse, like and comment on other pins.

The Antiochian Department of Chrisitian Education has a Pinterest account with categories of pinboards that may be of interest to you, such as Lent, Pascha, Pentecost, Fasting, Photos, Quotes, Saints, Learning/Lessons/Education, Crafts, Icons, Feast Days, Articles and Resources, and Great Ideas. You can check out the site through this link. If you are a Pinterest user, you are welcome to follow our boards. If not, joining Pinterest will provide you with a valuable organized resource tool for Orthodoxy!