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St. Athanasius Academy Prisoner Education Project

The Prisoner Education Project / Correspondence Studies Program for prisoner-students at St. Athanasius Academy are offered to any prisoners seeking to come home to the Lord. We maintain about 85 student with a waiting list. We offer the program as a free Scholarship Program. Since 1996, we have studied with over 1,000 students. A prisoner-student in good standing needs to submit one lessons every other month. Our current pace is over 120 lessons per month. Our questions are not true / false but essay with probing questions to bring their lives and answers together in an interactive way. We provide detailed responses to correct or complement their efforts.

The need is great and growing. We thank Fr. Jack Sparks and Fr. Duane Pederson for helping meet this need. We offer our students a Diploma in Orthodox Christian Studies as well as Certificates of Completion. Eight prisoner-students have obtain diplomas while 5 others have been tonsured monks. Our efforts are to orient them toward the beliefs, practices, and lives of the Orthodox Church. It is a great joy to see and participate with them, as they begin to accept a living faith in our Lord’s love for them and their salvation.

We rejoice in every student who comes to and decides to stay the course. It is hard work and they have shown great determination to understand and answer the questions. By the grace our Lord Jesus Christ, our program is successful in turning lives to the Orthodox Christian faith.

Your servant in Christ our Lord,

Paul Goetz, Director of Prisoner Education Project

Attached below please find the Course Catalog for the Prisoner Education Project.

Course_Catalogue-PrisonerEducationProject.pdf934.53 KB