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SOYO Leadership Manual


Online Youth Worker Resources from the Manual Developed for the SOYO Leadership Conference 2007

SOYO and the Department of Youth are committed to “Living the Orthodox Faith in Christ through Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship.” To fulfill this ministry, and in an effort to raise up a generation of leaders and disciples NAC SOYO has established an annual intensive four-day Leadership Training each summer. This manual is the result of the labors of numerous teens and advisors to better enable and equip all teens to serve Christ and His Holy Church. It is our hope that those who make use of the materials will feel empowered to fulfill their ministry as disciples of Christ and leaders in their local parish communities.

A selection of content from the manual is available below. To receive a copy of the manual in full please contact Fr. Joseph Purpura, Chairman of the Department of Youth Ministry, at, or Fr. Anthony Yazge, NAC SOYO Spiritual Advisor, at


Education Month January

Great Friday Vigil

Music and Prayers

Nominations and Elections

Officer Duties

Sacred Gift of Life Sunday