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Spiritual Reading

Below are a few thoughts about spiritual reading to keep in mind. All notes are from A Practical Guide to Spiritual Reading by Susan A. Muto. Our meetings will provide insights, and encouragement to one another. Each chapter provides for us a theme to dwell on. We will read aloud one or two paragraphs and dwell on those for a minute before we discuss what wisdom is found there to aide our spiritual growth. Common themes will arise about the problems faced in the life of the spirit.

Take notes while you read.

Notice particular themes.

Write out your thoughts. They are for you to think about, not a confessional of short-comings, but rather a record of dialogue with text. The notes are solely yours, and don’t have to be shared.

Observe what you read.

Read as a disciple for inspiration.

Dwell with the text to make connections from what you read to your life, here and now.

Look for timeless truth.

Review fundamentals of the inner life as lived out; no apology for repetitions; reaffirmations of the values of humility, patience, and gentleness.

Do not label text and make it irrelevant.

Try to become involved in the meaning of the text, let it apply to our life, how does the text challenge life now?

Don’t read to debate, or for information. Abide in the text, let it teach you. Remain a disciple.

Accept your limited self, no comparisons either to the Elder, or others. Move along at God’s pace for you.

Our failures and limitations are OK. God aims to fill us with his grace, in His time.

Don’t get discouraged, consolation may come and then go.

Keep your soul encouraged following the spiritual path towards transformation.

Learn to trust God.

Let the book be a lens to Christ.

Do you recognize him as a sibling from the same father and mother?

The saints wait for us to find them, and crown them.

Let the book take us by the hand, and lead us from one summit to another.

Lift up your heart!