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St. Timon Sunday 2013

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

The Feast of St. Timon when our parishes and missions pray for and highlight the history, ministries and needs of DOWAMA's Sister Diocese of Bosra-Hauran shepherded by Metropolitan Saba, is Sunday, July 28th, 2013. Please see my attached letter to the Diocese about this observance. If, however, you will be remaining in Houston for the concluding Hierarchical Divine Liturgy of the Archdiocesan Convention on July 28th, you may keep St. Timon Sunday with your congregation on the preceding Sunday, July 21st. Metropolitan Saba has provided the following updated list of the clergy serving in his Archdiocese. Please pray for His Eminence, his clergy and congregations when you keep St. Timon Sunday in your community.

  • His Eminence Metropolitan Saba
  • Archimandrite Issac (who serves Izra)
  • Priest Peter (who serves Al-Sweda and Jbeb)
  • Priest George (who serves Daraa)
  • Priest Peter (who serves Znebe)
  • Priest Philip (who serves Al Oslha, A dara, and Shahba)
  • Priest George (who serves Salkhad, Aramman, Malah, Anz, and Om Aromman)
  • Priest Samaan (who serves Al Korayya, Tisiya and Maarbeh)
  • Priest Elia (who serves Izraa and Mothbeen)
  • Priest Timon (who serves Kharaba and Rakham)
  • Priest Paul (retired)
  • Deacon Joseph

Immediately following your observance of St. Timon Sunday, please direct your parish treasurer to send one parish check for the total amount collected (payable to"DOWAMA FSJD ACCOUNT" and earmarked "BOSRA-HAURAN") to the coordinator of "The Hauran Connection" Dn.  James Kallail - 502 Creekside - Derby, KS 67037. Questions? Contact Deacon James at

St. George Church (A.D. 515) in Izra, SyriaSt. George Church (A.D. 515) in Izra, Syria

Bishop Basil's 2013 St. Timon Sunday Letter (PDF)212.48 KB