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Submission Checklist

Help us help you!

Please review this checklist as you prepare content to be posted on


Have you adequately covered the five Ws?

  • Who? Have you identified the people involved, particularly in pictures?
  • What? Will your description of an event make sense to readers who weren't present?
  • When? Have you specified the day, month and year of relevant events?
  • Where? Please identify parishes by city and state as well as name.
  • Why? Have you included sufficient background? Will readers nationwide understand the significance of your submission?


  • Have you done spell check and/or grammar check?


  • Is any of the information, including photos, copyrighted? If so, do you have permission to re-post it?


Where does the new content belong?

  • On an existing page? Where?
  • As a new page? What is the parent page? Which submenu item does the content precede or follow?
  • Does this content replace current content? If so, please specify so we remove the current content.


  • Do you have a specific date this content should be posted? Please remember that we may require up to three business days to post content.
  • When is the earliest this content can be posted?
  • Should this content be removed from the site on a certain date?


  • Send selected images in JPEG format.
  • Give instructions for the placement of images in your content.
  • Include explanatory captions and/or text to go with images.


  • What extra pieces are included (registration forms, flyers, bulletins)?
  • Where do you want the link to these resources to appear?
  • Do you want e-mail addresses or other contact info to be displayed?


  • List any other notes or comments that would be helpful.