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Support the Department of Sacred Music

Support the Department of Sacred Music

Pascha, 2018

Dear Friends,


As Orthodox Christians, we exclaim and sing this greeting jubilantly as we look toward the Feast of Pentecost!

As you reflect on the holy services leading up to Pascha, what comes to mind? For many, it was likely the music. Did it call you to prayer? Did it stir your heart and draw you closer to the resurrected Christ? Did it engage your senses and stay in your mind? Were you driven to sing "Christ is Risen" with the clergy, chanters, and choir? Did you think about the time and efforts that went into bringing these melodies and words to your parish?

Much of the foundation of the hymnography and pedagogy in our parishes is from the tireless work of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese Department of Sacred Music. Our composers and arrangers provide Byzantine and choral music for download. Our instructors and coaches contribute to semi-annual institutes, retreats on the local level and workshops at Archdiocese Conventions. And our Youth Music Ministry (YMM) program benefits the teens and college students of the Archdiocese.

These vital programs need your support! Please prayerfully consider donating to this campaign between now and Pentecost. And forward this email to those who understand and value the music of the Church.

May the joy of the Resurrected Lord cause you to continually sing in great jubilation!

Your Friends at the Department of Sacred Music