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John Sakellarides

Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, Exaposteilarion (choral)

Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ (Dec 25)

This is the choral arrangement of the Exaposteilarion sung for the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, December 25th.  "Down from heaven's holy height . . . ."

Christ is Risen (Arabic, choral)

Christ is Risen

This is the traditional melody of Christ is Risen with the Arabic phonetics.

Vespers, Kazan - O Gladsome Light (Chant)

Vespers, Kazan Byzantine Project

Lamp-lighting hymn after "O Lord, I have cried", chant setting.  "O gladsome Light of the holy glory . . . ."

Hymn to the Theotokos

Hymns to the Theotokos

Harmonized by John Warren - Convention Music-17C

Gladsome Light - Byzantine

Gladsome Light

Convention music-42B: Standard Archdiocese Version

Communion Hymn for Sunday (Koinonikon)

Communion Hymns

Convention music-22C.  "Praise ye the Lord from the heavens . . . ."  Updated music and file name, 9/23/19.

Christ is Risen - 02 (Greek, English)

Sheet Music: 
Christ is Risen

Paschal Troparion

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