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Alexander A. Archangelsky

Anaphora-Archangelsky No. 4


This Anaphora is from the Blue Book, page 93, #32 Milost' Mira.  "A mercy of peace, a sacrifice of praise . . . ."

Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, Communion Hymn

Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ (Dec 25)

This Communion Hymn is in E-minor, sung on the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Flesh, December 25th, and on its Leave-taking, December 31st.  "The Lord hath sent redemption to his people."

Vespers, Kazan - St. Simeon's Prayer (Choral)

Vespers, Kazan Byzantine Project

St. Simeon's Prayer, choral version by Archangelsky and adapted into English by Gelsinger.  "Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace . . . ."

Unto the Mother of God

This troparion is sung in the beginning of the Paraklesis service; also known as "To God's Birthgiver let us run now most earnestly..."

St. Simeon's Prayer

St. Simeon's Prayer

Archangelsky, Convention music-45A.  The audio file is from St. Ignatius Orthodox Church Choir, Franklin, TN.

Communion Hymn

Communion Hymns

For Elevation of Cross & 3rd Sunday in Lent, Convention music-22-L.  "The light of thy countenance, O Lord . . . ."

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