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Jessica Suchy-Pilalis

Panteleimon, Troparion of

Sheet Music: 
Panteleimon, Great-martyr & Healer (July 27th)

Feast day is July 27th.  "O holy prizewinner and healer Panteleimon . . . ."  (Updated!)

John Climacus, Author of "The Ladder," Apolytikion

Troparia (Apolytikia) of the Saints

This Apolytikion (Troparion) of St. John Climacus, Abbot of Sinai and Author of "The Ladder of Divine Ascent, is sung on the 4th Sunday of Great Lent and also on his Feast day of March 30th.  "The barren wilderness thou didst make fertile with the streams of thy tears . . . ."

Byzantine Guide to the Tones: Mneumonic Verses

A singable guide to each tone in Byzantine chant, syllabic style only. (Not to be actually sung in church, though!)  Click on [Listen] to hear this being sung.

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