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Teaching Pictures for Great Lent and Pascha

As we approach Holy Week and Pascha, look into providing the beautiful Great Lent and Pascha Teaching Pics for the use of your teachers. Twenty seasonal cards are included in the resource package published by the Orthodox Christian Education Commission (OCEC). The 8.5 x 11 inch cards have a photograph on the front, and explanatory text on the back with ideas for lesson activities. Our Lenten and Paschal services are so beautiful and rich in symbolism but often the children cannot see what is occurring, and there is not a way to discuss the action of the priest. The cards allow them to take their time exploring, with your guidance, how the pivotal story of our faith has been passed down to us, not in word alone, but in true Eastern tradition, in symbolism and beauty. Let them be silent with the cards and then recall any memories of the services, and any feelings. It is critical to reflect regularly with the children on how the beauty of Orthodoxy serves as a path to God.

Great Lent and Pascha. "Great and Holy Friday—Vespers—Taking Down the Body of Christ"

 If you already have Teaching Pics in your supply closet, it is time to find them and distribute them to your staff. If you do not, they can be purchased from the OCEC, (800) 464-2744.

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