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The Very Rev. Dr. Stephen Upson + September 30, 2000

The Very Rev. Dr. Stephen Upson was born Hollis Ritchie Upson in Lockport, New York on April 21, 1911, the son of Hollis Jesse Upson and Mary Ellen [Ritchie]. He graduated from the University of Buffalo in 1932 and then Harvard University with a Ph.D. in Ancient Languages in 1941. He married Frieda von Schauroth in 1939.

Hollis R. Upson was ordained by Metropolitan Antony [Bashir] in 1941 with the name Stephen. He was assigned in 1941 to serve at St. George in Niagara Falls, then from 1942–44 at St. George in Pittsburgh, and then 1944–51 as pastor of St. George in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1951 he went to Batavia, New York to care for his ailing father. While in Batavia, he served in the Greek Archdiocese. Father Stephen died in Batavia on September 30, 2000; his services were held at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church and he was buried at Grand View Cemetery there.

Father Upson was responsible for the multiple translations for the earliest materials used in many Antiochian church schools; he also translated many Liturgical Services as well as the current Liturgy Service Book in usage to this day.