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Welcome to the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America, part of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. The Diocese of Wichita is led by His Grace Bishop Basil and includes more than 50 churches and missions in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.


Veteran Educator, Thriving SOYO Department, In-House Curriculum

An Interview with Arlyn Kantz
St. Peter Antiochian Orthodox Church, Fort Worth, TX

Arlyn Kantz journeyed from an evangelical background to Orthodoxy seven years ago. She has taught history and Bible at St. Peter’s Classical school for the past six years and has served as director of Christian Education for the parish for the last three. Before becoming Orthodox, she worked in curriculum development for special populations while raising four children. She and Will, her husband of 25 years, recently handed off the reigns of a thriving SOYO department to capable younger hands.

How many students attend your Sunday school? How is your program organized for Sunday classes and how many teachers are assigned per class?

We have approximately sixty children in our parish, birth to eighteen. Twenty-two attend Sunday School on a regular basis. Sunday School meets after mass for forty-five minutes. Our children are organized into three classes: PreK-1st grade, 2nd-6th grade, and then 7th-12th grade. Our two younger classes do not hold firm to the boundary of age, depending on attendance and maturity and the preference of some children to be with a sibling. We do hold a firm line though on attending SOYO, as teens need a space of their own. We are blessed to have two teachers per level. Sometimes teachers rotate every other Sunday and sometimes they team teach depending on what is going on with their personal schedules and the number of children attending each Sunday.

Pastoral Letter From His Grace Bishop BASIL

Diocese of Wichita & Mid-America
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

January 7, 2019

To the Chrst-loving Priest, Deacons, Monastics and Lay Folk of the God-protected Diocese of Wichita & Mid-America:

Blessings and greetings on this second day of Theophany — the Synaxis of the Honorable Prophet and Forerunner John the Baptist. Happy feast!

I take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thanks to each of you who sent greetings to me and contributions to our Diocese's "Bishop Basil Missions Endowment Fund" on the occasion of my Name's Day, the Feast of St. Basil the Great which our holy Church keeps on January 1. I am indeed most appreciative of your thoughtful remembrances and generous contributions.

As an update on the "Bishop Basil Missions Endowment Fund," I am happy to report to you that Metropolitan Joseph blessed Archpriest Joseph Longofono of Topeka, KS, a longtime priest of our Diocese, to begin his ministry as DOWAMA's first full-time "Dean of Chapels" effective January 1.

Bishop BASIL'S Nativity Greeting

The Nativity of Christ, 2018

To the Christ-loving Priests, Deacons, Monastics and Lay Folk of this God-protected Diocese:

I embrace and greet you with a holy kiss and the joyous festal proclamation:
Christ is born – ولد ألمسيـح
Χριστὸς Γεννᾶται – Христос рождается
Hristos se rodi – Hristos se naşte
May God the All-holy Trinity grant you and your households the happiest of Feasts and a
New Year filled with His abundant and richest blessings.

With assurance of my continued love,
prayers and blessings, I remain
In Christ the Incarnate Word of God,

+Bishop Basil

Bishop Basil's Nativity Greeting (PDF)

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