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Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

clip_image001In a recent letter to OCMC, Metropolitan Alexander, of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria, greeted all who have supported the work of this church:  “You all have left a green leaf in our hearts.”  His Eminence’s comments followed the recent celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria.

The Nigerian people formed a union of churches called “Calvary Grace Church” in search of the “original Christian Church.”  By 1985, this collective of Nigerian churches was brought into the full canonical beauty of the Orthodox Church.

In his letter, Archbishop Alexander encouraged the Nigerian faithful toward “a deep reflection and concentration on our vocation, our ministry…for greater spiritual pursuits, for more intensive and warm prayer life, so as to be able with ‘naked intuition’ to listen every moment to ‘what the Spirit says to the Churches’ (Rev. 2:29).” 

His Eminence also shared what wonderful opportunities there are within the Archdiocese to “perceive the certainty of the love, mercy, and the grace of God; His inexorable providence and divine intervention.”  Metropolitan Alexander praised those who, seizing these opportunities, are brought by God to carry the cross, to reveal the Gospel in Nigeria.

His Eminence also expressed his deep thanks for the support that the Orthodox Churches in North America have given to the Nigerian faithful through OCMC.  There are currently 11 Nigerian priests being supported through the Support A Mission Priest (SAMP) program, and many American faithful have also directly supported the Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria both financially and in prayer.

Through the “men and women of deep faith and piety” who have contributed to the Nigerian church, the soil has been enriched, the Light of Christ has shown forth, and the water of Life has continued to be poured out upon this country and its beautiful people.  The result has been growth, a “green leaf” in the hearts of all, both in Nigeria and in North America.

May this important work continue, and may the Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria flourish and enjoy many years!